Electronic Sensors Inc

Electronic Sensors, Inc. ("ESI") is today one of America's leading bulk fluid instrument manufacturers and data services, providing tank monitoring systems with monitoring instruments and data service for most types of bulk fluid tanks -- over 10,000 tanks in the U.S. and abroad.

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Cryogenics and Pressure Gasses

Suppliers of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide etc. type tanks . These tanks can range from micros to Bulk tanks over 40’

Lubricant and Oils

Suppliers of all blended oils and fuels to end users. VMI needs for those tough or long distance sites to stop customer run outs.

Refined Fuels

Large Gas and diesel suppliers that deliver to the smaller lube oil markets.


Chemical suppliers of Bulk chemicals and small Customers that blend Chemicals for finished goods.

Tank Manufacturers

PAnyone who builds any type of above ground tanks ranging from 3gal. to millions of gallon tanks can add our tank gauging options to there catolge an added feature.


Any city water dept. and waste water dept. large water wells and above ground fresh water tanks, Fema sites etc.


Easy Installation

Complete user instructions and manuals

Tech / Customer Support

Professional technical support

Web Posting

View all your tank data online

Cloud Storage

Data and website backed by cloud technologies


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