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Lubricants and Oils

9023A Tank Teller II

Programmable liquid inventory monitoring and controlling modular system. It can handle up to 99 tanks with multiple other input and output capabilities. More...


PTX 1240 Pressure Transmitter

Designed to provide the convenience of direct submergence in many types of liquids. The rugged stainless steel construction provides long lasting service and stability with virtually no maintenance. More...


9025A Digital Ultrasonic Sensor

Provides an efficient, reliable and cost effective means of level reporting and control. The 9025A features built-in temperature compensation and digital output displayable on most Level Devil* controllers More...


Before Level Devil, it was a guessing game when we would get deliveries. Now it is far more efficient. This is the wave of the future.

David Handshoe
Assistant Brew Master
Miller Brewing Company

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SMS Wireless Tank Monitor

Model 9175

The 9175 SMS Wireless Tank Monitor is a fully modular controller that can handle up to 99 transmitters. This unit can be configured with the functionality of most any controller in our product line. More...

Diver RF DP

Model 9146

The model 9146 Diver RF is a hardened version of the model 9145 that is suitable for most non-vented, solvent based liquids.  More...


Model 9205

The 9205, CryoDevil, is a two channel, wired system designed to be used on propane tanks. It is a low cost, low maintenance telemetry unit that comes standard with an integrated solar panel and NiMH battery pack that will last many years. More...

PentaComm Satellite

Model 9172

The PentaComm model 9172 is a five-channel data monitor and satellite communicator. This unit can collect data from anywhere in the world and report it to anyone having Internet access. More...

Wireless Level Alarm

Model 9177/9178

The 9177 receiver and the model 9178 transmitter are a wireless liquid-level alarm system used to detect either high level (standard) or low level conditions. More...

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